Story of a sandal

One pair of traditional Spanish "Franciscanas" sandals found in 2004 in a small “Made in Spain” shoes store in the historic center of Madrid was the starting point of a magic and incredible project.

Admiring them and after some investigations and calls, I discovered the right place where they had been crafted, and decided to travel to a small town in the province of Cáceres and meet this place and the people behind.

Thanks to Alejandro, now the responsible of the small family workshop, I knew that his grandfather Alejandro Bravo was the person who created that style around 1950, working with a very old technique, typically used in Extremadura, a very popular Spanish area for making shoes at that moment, since the XIX century.

Everything made sense: I wanted to work with them.

Since then, after long conversations, images, ideas and stories shared with all the family, and starting with a version of that model (now our classic style 10/01), our goal and dedication as brand has been to talk about this to the world and respect the heritage by reinterpreting and creating new styles and versions we add to the collection season by season, or just when we feel the need to do it. Slowly.

Going back to the roots, tradition meets modernity.

Gonzalo Fonseca
Founder and Creative Director

Steve Mono Story of a Sandal